Deionized apple juice concentrate

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            ? ? ? ? Subject






            ?Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

            ?Flavor & Aroma

            ?Typical apple flavor and aroma, free from ?off flavor or aroma


            ?Clear without sediment, free from any ?foreign and extraneous matter.

            ?Physical &

            ?Chemical Data

            ?Solubility solid Brix (By Refract ?meter) at 20℃


            ?Total acidity (as malic acid)


            ?Clarity (at 625nm, brix 11.5)

            ?97% min

            ?Color (at 440nm, brix 11.5)

            ?95% min

            ?Turbidity (at 11.5 brix)

            ?5% maximum

            ?Pectin Test (at 11.5 brix


            ?Heavy Metal

            ?Cooper (Cu) , mg/kg

            ?5.0 maximum

            ?Lead (Pb), mg/kg

            ?0.05 maximum

            ?Arsenic (As), mg/kg

            ?0.1 maximum


            ?Total Plate count (cfu/ml)

            ?100 maximum

            ?Yeast & Mould (cfu/ml)

            ?10 maximum

            ?Coliform (MPN/ml)

            ?30 maximum


            ?Not detected


            ?In aseptic bag in iron drum. each drum net weight is about 275kgs

            ?Total 80 drums/20'fcl.

            ?Storage condition

            ?In cool and dry place at ambient temperature or at 0-10


            ?At ambient temperature, protect from direct sun light and moisture

            ?Shelf life

            24 months from production date

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